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Psycroptic is an Australian technical death metal band formed in Hobart in 1999. Mainstay members are Dave Haley on drums, his brother Joe Haley on guitar, and Cameron Grant on bass guitar. Their lead vocalist, Jason Peppiatt, joined in 2004. In 2008 they signed to Nuclear Blast. As of February 2012, the band have released five studio albums. They have undertaken Australian national tours supporting international acts, Incantation, Decapitated, Origin and Misery Index. Psycroptic have also toured Europe with Nile and with Deicide. 
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Destroyer 666

. K. Warslut formed Deströyer 666 following his departure from the black metal band Bestial Warlust. Initially the project was a solo venture but eventually a black-death-thrash metal band was formed in 1994 in Melbourne. The group's debut EP, Violence is the Prince of this World featured Warslut on guitar, bass and vocals, with Matt Skitz (aka Matt Sanders) from Damaged and Criss Volcano from Abominator on drums. The song "The Eternal Glory of War" was later re-recorded for their 2000 album Phoenix Rising. 
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Mortification is an Australian Christian extreme metal band which was formed in 1987 as a heavy metal group, Lightforce, by mainstay Steve Rowe on bass guitar and vocals. By 1990, in the Melbourne suburb of Moorabbin, they were renamed as Mortification with the line-up of Rowe, Michael Carlisle on guitar and Jayson Sherlock on drums. Mortification has released over twenty albums and several videos on major record labels such as Nuclear Blast. As one of the earliest internationally successful Christian death metal bands from Australia,[2] they served as an inspiration for later similar groups. 
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Disembowelment, often styled as diSEMBOWELMENT, was an Australian death/doom band that formed in November 1989 featuring Renato Gallina on guitar and vocals, and Paul Mazziotta on drums. In early 1991 Jason Kells joined on lead guitar and at the end of that year the group's line-up was completed by Matthew Skarajew on bass guitar. In 1992 they issued an extended play, Dusk, on Relapse Records and followed with a studio album, Transcendence into the Peripheral, in 1993. They disbanded shortly thereafter – never having performed live. Allmusic's Eduardo Rivadavia described them as "[s]till revered in underground circles as doom-grind pioneers ...[their works] remain genre classics". Source [Wikipedia]

Black Majesty

Black Majesty is an Australian power metal band formed in 2001 as Kymera. Founding members were Cory Betts on bass guitar (ex-Pegazus), Steve Janevski on guitar (ex-Cyclone Tracy) and Hanny Mohammed on guitar (ex-Catwitch). After the release of a three track sampler album they signed a five-album contract with German-based label, LMP Records. The group released their fifth studio album, Stargazer, in July 2012.
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The Berzerker

The Berzerker has produced five full-length albums, The Berzerker (2000), Dissimulate (2002), World of Lies (2005), Animosity (2007) and The Reawakening (2008). These were released through Earache Records, with the exception of the last album, which was self-released through Berserker Industries. During the early part of their career as a live act, band members were identified only as The Vocalist, The Guitarist, The Bassist and The Drummer, distinguishable on stage only by the masks they wore. However, the group eventually abandoned this device, after the masks became unhygienic with age, and to avoid unfavorable comparisons with Slipknot. Source: [Wikipedia]

Thy Art Is Murder

Thy Art Is Murder is an Australian deathcore band from Blacktown (a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales). The band formed in 2006 and have released two EPs and three full-length albums and are currently signed to Distort in Canada and Nuclear Blast worldwide. Their 2008 EP Infinite Death, reached position no. 10 on the AIR Charts upon release, and their second full-length album Hate debuted at no. 35 on the ARIA Charts, making them the first extreme metal band to ever reach the Top 40 of this chart. The album also reached no. 1 on AIR and both no. 2 and no. 4 respectively on the USA and Canadian iTunes metal charts on its week of release.
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Ne Obliviscaris

Ne Obliviscaris (Latin for "forget not") are a six-piece heavy metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Formed initially as a four-piece in April 2003, the group was founded by Xenoyr and Adam Cooper. The current line-up comprises vocalist Xenoyr, violinist and vocalist Tim Charles, guitarists Matt Klavins and Benjamin Baret and drummer Daniel Presland. To date, the band has released a demo, two extended plays and two studio albums. The most recent album, Citadel, was released on 7 November 2014. Source: [Wikipedia]


Switchblade was formed by guitarist Andrew Najdek, drummer Mat Piccolotto and bassist Ben Bessant in 2001. The trio spent the better part of their final high school years playing metal cover songs and writing a handful of originals which would become early Switchblade demos. Vocalist Chris Apps joined the band prior to the recording of the band's very first demo, but split from the group directly following the recording.
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Virgin Black

Virgin Black was originally formed in Adelaide by guitarist Samantha Escarbe, and vocalist and keyboards-player Rowan London. In 1995, Virgin Black recorded a four-track self-titled demo in a doom/death style. Due to the rarity and demand for this recording, the band has speculated that it may be re-released at some point. Their Trance EP was released in 1998, and the group began gaining international recognition with that recording. Source: [Wikipedia]